The Dome of the Rock

It is considered as one of the most important Islamic sights. It is an octagonal building in the middle of it lies the Rock. The rock is about 1 and half meters high above the ground of the building. The octagonal shape of the dome has two rows of pillars. Each row has a great number of building blocks and a number of small cylindrical marble pillars. There are eight building blocks in the outer row underlying the main building.

Other information:

It is one of the most important sites of Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, Palestine. It dome is considered one of the most supreme Islamic architectural features. It is also considered the oldest Islamic building that preserved its shape and decoration. Caliph Abdul-Malik Bin Marwan started building the dome and 66 Hijri\ 685 AD. He completed in 72 Hijri\ 691 AD. The engineers Raja’ Bin Hayawa Al-Kindi, one of the famous followers of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh), and Yazid Bin Salam, the sire of Abdul-Malik Bin Marwan, supervised building the dome of the rock. The dome of the rock is an octagonal-shaped building that has four doors. Inside, there is another octagonl shape established on cylindrical pillars and columns and the the Rock lies in its center from which Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) ascended to heaven during his Israa and Mi’raj journey.

The Rock is about 1.5 meters high from the ground of the building. It has an irregular shape with a diameter of 13 and 18 meters. On the top of the Rock, a circular dome is centered with a diameter of 20 meters. From the outside, it is covered with gold plates that are 35 meters high, on top of it there is a crecet which is 5 meters hight.

نقوش قبة الصخرة