ALSilsela Gate

It is ninth opened gate which  is located in the western gallery of Al-Aqsa Mosque, between Ashrafieh school in the north between and Altankziya school in the south. There is a closed gate  which is called Alsakinah gate .

When a visitor went  to the south he \she will see a  dual gate that has two doors . The northern gate was called(Al sakenah ) while the  southern gate (Alsilsalea ) but people call the two gates (Al silaela ) gate  since (Al Sakenah ) gate is permanently closed . The establishment date of the current gate with its two sectors refer to the sixth century AH / twelfth century. The architectural fabric of  the gate includes Franjieh and Ayyubid elements. This  current gate  was built above the older  gate . Mojeer Din al-Hanbali says “ Al silsel and AL sekanah gates are merged together they come out to (Al Aatham ) street which is known as the line o f the prophet David peace be upon him,” Al silsilah road today”. People often use them because they lead to most of the markets and the streets. In th past AL Silsilah gate was known as David peace be upon him gate . Jews call this gate King David’s  gate  they did not confess his Prophecy so they made them a king).)

Currently, It is the only gate that stays open at night for the Israeli police officers to use, especially after the closure of Al-Aqsa mosque . As It is known seclusion in the mosque is forbidden since the first intifada in 1987. Israeli police officers use the gate  to move to their station in the yards of  the Dome of the rock  and their station in Al tankzya school  which is next to the gate from the outside ( the school was built by Nasser and occupied by the Zionists who made it a police station).