Al Qantin Gate

Al Qatanin Gate is one of the most beautiful and largest gates of Al-Aqsa Mosque, which is located in the middle of the western wall between Al Hadid gate in the north and AL Mathra gate in the south . This gate leads to the Al-Qatanin market which has got its name from (cotton vendors). This market is one of the oldest markets  that has not changed in Jerusalem.

Alqtanin  gate is a gate surmounted by a dome which still conserve its decorations,  which distinct it from other triangular decorative units which are called (stalactites). It is also characterized by the colored stones in three different colors which are red, white and black that are inputted in oblong that has a height of 4 m. It was renewed by Prince Tankz Al Nasri on the period of Mamluk Sultan Muhammad Ibn Qalawun (may Allah have mercy on them ) in 737 AH –1 336 m, it has been restored for the last time by the Supreme Islamic Council in 1929, during the British occupation, where the Council has noticed the collapse of the door , so they had demolished the upper floors of the buildings that are located around and above it which lean on the upper dome to reduce pressure on its entrance, which  has been saved till today. To the north of this gate there is a school or AlKatuniya cemetery, which its windows overlook on the Holy House yards . Ogol Khatoon the daughter of Shams al-Din Mohammed bin Saif al-Din Baghdadi Al Kazakh in the year 755 AH / 1354 AD has stopped it , then Isfahan Shah daughter of Prince Kazan Shah has completed the architecture of it in 782 AH / 1380 AD. It is currently burial room for the Mujahideen for the sake of God from Jerusalem and beyond, including Al Mujahid Prince Muhammad on India’s (God’s mercy), of India, in 1349 AH / 1930, who was known for the defense at all costs for the issue of Jerusalem and Palestine during the British occupation. Mousa Kazem Pasha al-Husseini also was buried there in the year 1352 AH / 1934 AD, as for Al Mujahid Abdul Kader al-Husseini (may Allah have mercy on him), the hero of Al Qastal battle which has caused the most  heinous defeat for the Zionists and others  in 1367 AH / 1948 AD. To the south of the door Alqtanin, there Rabat time.

Alqtanin gate is located in a sensitive area which Jews seek to control where they established hotbeds for settlers who try to intimidate Muslims to make them leave this place. As for Alqtanin market which is one of the remaining evidence to the arrogance of the occupation, after its failure attempts to destroy and occupy the market, they turned to impose high taxes on traders , which made most of them close his shop and sell their  merchandise  on carriages.