AL Magrba Gate

. It was not a coincidence that Jerusalemites make Moroccans not others to launch their name on the adjacent neighborhood of AL Haram al-Sharif in Jerusalem. It was not a matter of political compliment to call one of the main gates of AL Haram al-Sharif {AL Maghrib} Gate. On Friday (27 of Rajab of the year 583 e = 2 October 1187), God’s  will that victory was for Muslims in Hattin battle with God has opened Jerusalem to Muslims

In 1193 Moroccans decided (there were nearly a quarter of the Moroccans in the Muslim army in that battle) to return to their country After the end of the war and the open of Jerusalem with stabilizing of Muslims’ situation . Saladin has urged Moroccans to live in Jerusalem, In his perspective he has chosen the best place in Jerusalem for them. Therefore, he had built buildings which were as the size of a small city for them . The rest were shocked about Saladin’s desire and were amazed of his attention towards Moroccans . He insisted on Moroccans to stay while he allowed the others such as Syrians, Iraqis, and Egyptians to return to their homelands by saying his famous words ” I had domiciled Moroccans where the danger for Jerusalem is , where the soft earth; I have domiciled people  who capers on land and kill  in the sea. I have domiciled people who entrust god ‘s house, I have domiciled Moroccans” Next to their neighborhood there was their gate AL Maghrabi Gate, It is one of the main gates of Al-Aqsa Mosque which is located at the southwest corner of the Al-Aqsa Mosque next to the oratory and the Willing Wall. Prophet Mohammed peace upon him has entered Al Aqsa mosque from this gate.

According to the Hadith about Al Isra journey (then zap me – here is meant Jibril – until I entered the city from the right gate , he came to the Qibla of the mosque tying the animal – here is meant an animal — and entered the mosque from a gate where the sun and the moon sway ) The of Jerusalem said we do not know a gate that has such feature expect for the Al Maghrabi Gate. This Gate overlooks Al Sharaf neighborhood and Al Maghrabi neighborhood which was demolished in the setback in 67.

On April 28, 1967, tha time Moshe Dayan, Israeli Defense Minister had extracted the key to the gate by force of arms from Islamic Waqf with the assistance of military force, after the refusal of extradition the key by the Waqf.

Then he stopped Muslims from entering it.

Nowadays, tourists and Jews enter it. Moreover, through this gate, the Israeli forces break into Al-Aqsa and showersits yards with bombs that terror and attack worshipers.